The Capture Effect

The Capture Effect is the synth-indie quartet of Iain Littlemore (Guitar / Vocals), Adam Parr (Guitar / Keyboard), Andy Malliff (Bass / Samples) and Stuart Roberts (drums) from London in England.

The Capture Effect - Frequencies - artwork

The Capture Effect – Frequencies – artwork

Formed in the middle of 2014 The Capture Effect have quickly established a working relationship, providing material that belies their longevity. Combinations of demonstrative percussion and flowing electronics are joined by fluid guitar and punchy bass in a cohesion which threads its way around the room with some aplomb to the accompaniment of an expressive vocal that lays out the story-line.

Lyrics which reflect of current social disquiet are melded with a soundtrack of new romanticism diced with rock, giving The Capture Effect its confident poise. They are not confined by reference points, utilising techniques and equipment of the ’10s to update the sounds without loosing the inheritance.

Of particular pleasure is the way that The Capture Effect have been able to create easily accessible music, that has not lost any sense of the genuine thought process in song writing, through to the final delivery, allowing them potentially a wide spread of audience.

Establishing themselves a wide geographic area of gigs in the UK, it should, if justice is served, only be a short-while before the quartet find themselves appearing internationally. The release of their début EP – Frequencies on the 23rd, certainly won’t hurt their progress.


Frequencies – EP – The Capture Effect is available on iTunes.*

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