The Bourgeois – Electric Shock Value – Video

The US alt-rock trio The Bourgeois were introduced last year.

The Bourgeois - Electric Shock Value

The Bourgeois

With a completely different sound in Electric Shock Value, The Bourgeois, replace the oppressive darkness with a trippy beat that has the listener reaching for the joss-sticks  as the guitar travels between psychedelia, shoegaze and ’60s brit-rock with the percussion and bass combining to give the track a flavour of off-beat reggae whilst the vocal  ties the various ideas together with its gravelled delivery.

Whether this prefaces a full release or just a stand-alone idea time will tell. For now, it stands as its own marker and well worth getting to know as, The Bourgeois demonstrate the ability to take influences from the past and freshen them up with new ideas.

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