The Bordellos – The Left Hand (God Complex) – Audio

The Bordellos, an angst-rock trio from England, released the three track single Fool Brittania on the 29th of June.

The Bordellos - The Left Hand (God Complex)

The Bordellos

Whilst the opening two tracks are easily contemplated railings against the neo-fascist State much of the UK has spilled into in the past week and a half – between them lasting under six minutes of the just over sixteen minutes of Fool Brittania (available on bandcamp), there is some inevitability that I would ask you to consider the ten and a just over a third minutes that make up the rest of the single with its more obscure contemplative with The Left Hand (God Complex).

Taking a foothold towards a tug of war of ideologies The Bordellos stake a firm anchor in the uprising in a rhetorical questioning diatribe of the occlusion of freedom of thought where to question State direction is deemed heinous terrorist activity.

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