The Bordellos – Fanzine Smile – Audio

The English agit-rock trio The Bordellos released the LP How To Lose Friends And Influence No-One on the 9th.

The Bordellos - Fanzine Smile

The Bordellos – Fanzine Smile

Those of longer stay will know precisely why The Bordellos feature regularly with their implosive lofi – for those new who anticipate smartly pressed trousers and shiny shoes here – it may come as a surprise.

Each time I take another listen to The Bordellos so they seem more ground down, though transparently as prepared to scar the speakers. Perhaps the trio are a barometer of the UK as it stands – with a political system bearing no relationship with the populace and a citizenship becoming ever more fractious as they become more annoyed, yet ever more flayed by the abuse.

The almost forty minute, thirteen track album, is replete with many gems (available on bandcamp) – my pick of the release is the shortest song running at seventy six seconds and the sixth on the album – as by title and content it, to me sums up the ethos of The Bordellos with the scathing slice of the distorted Fanzine Smile and no matter how you twist your equalisers it will always be feedback and fuzz.

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