The Bootlegs

The Bootlegs is Andrew Oliver (Vocals), Brady Burke (Guitar), Elliot Hepworth (Bass) and Ben Labenski (Drums) an alt-rock band from Oakville in Canada.

The Bootlegs - alt rock from Canada

The Bootlegs – Photo by Eric Riehl

It was back in May I first came across The Bootlegs with their video for Fail To Recall and at that stage there just wasn’t enough music for a review, that has all changed as the quartet who have been around for less than a year have been working hard on creating new sounds.

As Friday morning drifts into the afternoon as I write, this music suits the wind-down period extremely well. I recall back in the late ’80s when I had a ‘real job’ when all the staff were bought a drink to consume in the office on a Friday afternoon, a tradition I subsequently continued with with my own staff with my head-hunting businesses, until I finally gave up suits in the late ’90s that wind-down and collective easing of the pressure was a real boost to everyone and The Bootlegs would have been ideal to add to the mix. That isn’t to say it is all just noises for the background, as the band weave some intriguing progressions through their material which retains the ear of the listener.

Well structured melodies are accompanied by relevance of drum / bass combinations with vocals floating in and out of the mix as the quartet lay out their gentle carpet for the audience to lay and listen.


Knock Me Down – EP – The Bootlegs is available on iTunes*

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