The Bones of J.R. Jones

The Bones of J.R. Jones – alt-folk from New York in the USA is centred around J.R. Linaberry plus additional players.

The Bones of J.R. Jones - Dark Was The Yearling - artwork

The Bones of J.R. Jones – Dark Was The Yearling – artwork

Creating sounds which evolve out of roots folk and adding a dash of rock ‘n’ roll The Bones of J.R. Jones will leave you with your feet tapping away in tempo. The vaguely dark reflections of the out-put gives the music an atmosphere which captures the mind as a disparity of instruments paint the imagery, whilst an immediate connectivity marks this as music to get to know better.

Live performances across wide swathes of the USA capture the hearts of audiences and the intoxicating sounds transfer equally well to recorded pieces. The music has a haunting melancholic beauty to that transcends borders or genre with the heartfelt connection directly with the listener.

With a few releases behind The Bones Of J.R. Jones, the latest offering, the twelve track Dark Was The Yearling, which came out earlier this year needs to be added to the collection and brought out to play regularly.


Dark Was the Yearling – The Bones of J.R. Jones is available on iTunes*.

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