The Bohos

The Bohos is the agit-rock quartet of Ben AngelLuke CradockLouis Lanfear and Will Jefferies from Bath in England.

The Bohos - agit-rock from England

The Bohos

Acerbic lyric of societal disconnect is submerged within music that ranges across many styles. One minute funkadelic, the next rock ‘n’ roll and then – something else, however the content remains constant.

Their powerful political commentary is even more pugilistic for the very fact that they are able to elucidate, through their variety performance, the potential cohesiveness of the 99% if they only stopped fracturing and taking chunks out of each other at the behest of the 1%. That isn’t to say the The Bohos are as irritable as I, far from it, they deliver the music from which the audience finds themselves in party mode as they, primarily, are about making people feel better for having supped of their brew.

The quartet have carved out a niche of creativity in which they can satisfy both those who like music with political commentary with a punch along with those who prefer a less confrontational approach and both camps will find ideas they can claim as banners to hold high, whilst dancing together at the party that is The Bohos.

Their most recent track Leaders Don’t Love You surfaced less than three hours ago.


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