The Blurry Minds – Broken Human Program – Single Review

The Blurry Minds is a US haze-rock trio.

The Blurry Minds

The Blurry Minds

Formed fairly recently formed The Blurry Minds have begun to grain traction with a live presence and regular recorded material with Broken Human Program, released on the 25th, being their fifth release in as many months.

References from psychedelia are merged with the intensity of indie rock allowing The Blurry Minds to deliver a hazy mellowed out sound. The changes in pace during the course of the just under three and a half minutes of Broken Human Program give the listener the sense that the track lasts longer, if only that were true as this a composition which would happily sit on an extended 12″ single.

In addition to Broken Human Program being available on bandcamp the rest of The Blurry Minds releases are available there too and well worth adding to the collection.

I look forward to hearing more of the trio in short order and rumour has it that an EP is in the wings, which I hope to come back to in due course.


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