The Bloodpoets

The Bloodpoets from Brisbane in Australia is the alt-rock quartet of Tom Murphy (Vocals / Guitar), Toddy O (Drums), Bec Plath (Keys / Backing Vocals) and Barney Gickel (Bass).

The Bloodpoets - alt-rock from Australia

The Bloodpoets

A brooding menace slides out of the speakers cloaking the room in dripping moss as The Bloodpoets deliver impressively paced sounds. They have used the years of their experience to encapsulate tracks which breathe presence into the ears of the listener, as the judiciously used keys afford the quartet the ability to develop tracks to the full potential, whilst the vocal combinations add a subtle, yet intrinsic part to the out-put.

Easing off the accelerator and loudness pedals The Bloodpoets allows the listener the ability to familiarise themselves with the constituent parts of songs, resulting an a more powerful presence. The theatrical aspects are equally not allowed to overextend their reach and the round of it all, is a rock band you can believe in, as they balance expressionism with a clear direction of progression.

A recent release the twelve track LP – The Grand Machine is a fine digestion of the journey of The Bloodpoets thus far.

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