The Blackheart Orchestra – Keep The Light In – Single Review

The English moody-moment duo The Blackheart Orchestra release the single Keep The Light In on the 24th.

The Blackheart Orchestra - photo by Jeff Cooper

The Blackheart Orchestra – photo by Jeff Cooper

This was first sent to me on the 1st of June – so my apologies for the delay in writing some thoughts to all concerned and to you more particularly.

With a stream of electronics kit and acoustic instruments to lay hand to and all equally deliver their dampened moments The Blackheart Orchestra selected synth, guitar, loop and vocal for Keep The Light In, which ripples out of the speakers akin to a rock being thrown into a mill-pond.

The abrasive electro-drums crash though the speakers prior to the audience being invited to contemplate the undertow of the embers of burning Cathedral timbers and one is reminded of a depiction of the bombing of Dresden in the gothic electronic spires of smoke which, along with the soul eviscerating vocal, both equally leave the audience in quiet trance at the reign of subtle power which reigns upon the ears.


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