The Beaucrees – Give Them A Break! – Single Review

The English beat quintet The Beaucrees released the single Give Them A Break! on the 26th.

The Beaucrees

The Beaucrees

First formed in 1963 and enjoying playing live in the London circuit they disappeared in 1979 before reappearing in 2012 and just over  fifty years after their formation The Beaucrees released their first single in 2016. Putting their foot to the accelerator pedal, just under two years later, Give Them A Break! doubles their recorded output with a song in support of the homeless.

I frequently, when featuring music of ’60s and ’70s backdrop refer to it as retrospective. Somehow a band who first formed in the year I was born and who are part of the rootstock of beat music – to call it retro would be to do a disservice to the longevity of The Beaucrees.

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The Game – Single – The Beaucrees is available on iTunes.*

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