The Battles Of Winter – Love’s White Thread – Audio

The English melancholic-rock band The Battles Of Winter are due to release the LP At Once With Tattered Sails in August.

The Battles Of Winter

The Battles Of Winter

Not hurrying with new material At Once With Tattered Sails is the follow-up to the LP Standing At The Floodgates, released in 2014. Though, given the first track to surface from the forthcoming LP, not time spent idly as Love’s White Thread finds The Battles Of Winter in darker and more expansive mood.

On a personal note of course I miss the deep inflections of the bass guitar which featured prominently on the last album as you would anticipate. They have become a more cohesive unit of sound despite geographically, individually, dispersing far and wide. The Battles Of Winter conjoin dark recesses of thought with exploratory guitars which contemplate of greener pastures.

Opening with a Morricone Spaghetti Western refrain how could the listener not be engaged from the off? The quartet lay the three and a quarter minute track though four chapters and the second sequence unveils a sound of the best of Factory Records, but perhaps that is just me with the thrubbing percussion and bass, before swallowing a rock derived guitar bridge, by when the dark blanket of melancholia has swept into the room, which majestically carries Love’s White Thread (available on bandcamp) to its closing refrains.

It will be of interest to see how the rest of the LP pans out and I will let you have news as soon as I am able.


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