The Battle Of Lights – Reinvention – Single Review

The Battle Of Lights is a soft-wave project from Canada.

The Battle Of Lights

The Battle Of Lights

From time to time new material surfaces, by The Battle Of Lights, in which the listener is invited to immerse themselves in the muzzy electronics that drifts through the room akin to a flotation tank meditation with the mind and body loosing sense of space, time and gravity as the curls of sound gently massage away the stresses of the day in combinations of synthesis, instrumentation and gauzy vocal.

This is not music to play prior to heading in to negotiation, unless you are desirous of conceding every point, rather to play with plenty of time on your hands whilst in recumbent pose with curtains drawn tightly shut.

Somewhat appropriately although Chris and I have been in communication since last year – it is over three months later that I get around to introducing The Battle Of Lights with the newest track to surface Reinvention.

I am unable at this stage to offer you any social media page or website to discover more about The Battle Of Lights.

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