The Backlund – It’s Not My Wedding Day Anymore – Audio

The Backlund is an angsty-indie outfit from the USA.

The Backlund - photo credit - Brad Noonan Photography

The Backlund – photo credit – Brad Noonan Photography

Like a furiosity of midges aside a Scottish loch in summertime The Backlund deliver music of irritated temperament which probes in to the skin with notes disappearing prior to being captured.

The ebb and flow of the songs entice the listener closer and closer to the speakers as the lackadaisical and spiraling guitar drifts through the speakers only for the barbed vocal to dart and gnaw in to the eardrums. You already know, instinctively, I am set to suggest – turn up, everything, to maximum, other than tweeters – you can ignore the tweeters… .

Serving as an introduction, from their recent LP Here’s To Feeling Good All the Time (available on bandcamp) – It’s Not My Wedding Day Anymore.

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