The Autumn Isles

The Autumn Isles is a melodic-rock band from Perth in Australia – comprising Alex Arpino (Guitar / Vocals), Russell Loasby (Drums), Brian Maloney (Bass), Daniel Silvestri (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals) and Andy J. Bartlett (Keyboards / Backing Vocals) plus Pete Juncken (Trombone).

The Autumn Isles - A Bird Called Cognition - artwork

The Autumn Isles – A Bird Called Cognition – artwork

Given the array of instruments and players to hand The Autumn Isles deliver a calming take to the music, using the breadth of instrument to develop the melodies rather than the volume.  This is another of those occasions when it has taken me a few years to get back to an initial introduction yet has been fortuitous in timing when I have finally come back to writing some thoughts.

A new LP – their second – A Bird Called Cognition was released last month and marks a more gilded and contemplative space than their last LP from 2011 – Kaleidoscope. The Autumn Isles have been able to bring to bear some interesting influences to the album, as hints of space-rock and psychedelia are melded into rock formulations. The audience is treated to compositions which are reflective without becoming morose and the instruments are deployed to enhance the atmosphere giving the feeling that you are listening to a musical theatre production and with the subtlety of play able to create your own storyline whilst being encased in the sounds.

The Autumn Isles is a band to listen to in extended session rather than snapshot and dwelling in the ten track forty minute A Bird Called Cognition will leave you sloughed of the trials of the day.


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