The Audio Justice

The Audio Justice from Auckland in New Zealand is the indie rock out-fit of Grant Duncan (Bass / Lead Vocals), ‘JP’ Juan Pablo Valenzuela Garcia (Guitar /Backing Vocals) and Mike Harb (Drums / Backing Vocals).

The Audio Justice - indie rock from New Zealand

The Audio Justice

The Audio Justice began as a solo vehicle with guest players back in 2011. In late 2012 the band took on a more permanent shape and a different sound. The music has a slight retrospective tilt to it, though it doesn’t fall behind the times. Well honed musicianship is prevalent throughout the band and they play as a tight unit. Whilst not inaccessible, there is what I can only term a ‘grown-up’ sound to the melodies which have a somewhat progressive rock feel to them, more a band to listen  to with a chilled Chardonnay than an Icy Lager.

There are some interesting bands in New Zealand and evidently a hunger for live performance bands and I am certain they will find a natural local fan-base and on a broader international scale there is a sound that will travel well. Their new four track EP Just That should find The Audio Justice begin to gain some of that wider traction.

Staring At The Message is track two of the EP, and my pick of the release which it would be, quite naturally, with the Iggy Pop refrain.


Just That – EP – The Audio Justice is available on iTunes*.

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