The Angeles Project

The Angeles Project is the eroto-synth songwriter Mimi R. from Los Angeles in the USA – who works closely with the producer Andrew Brassell.

The Angeles Project - eroto-synth from the USA

The Angeles Project

The Angeles Project insists you are unadorned of clothing with a partner in horizontal pose as the freedom of expression demands equilibrium of the audience. New on the scene at the end of March there is nothing to do than want to envelope yourself in the luxuriant unction extended through the speakers as a sultry vocal massages oils into intertwined bodies.

Combining synthetic production with lustrous vocal is a complexity which oft results in the anodyne, The Angeles Project is able to reposition the sounds to enveloping eroticism that folds the body in warming textures of extravaganza.

Sadly with only three songs to hear thus far – there is an unfulfilled orgasm, it stands currently as more of a doorstep kiss –  and I look forward to the triple LP we all need, as what there is available enthuses of more than a knee-trembler, more for an evening, night and breaking dawn of exploration.

I look forward to hearing more of The Angeles Project as does the owner of the thigh I currently nuzzle.


Radio – Single – The Angeles Project is available on iTunes*.

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