The Analog Affair – Feel Your Fire – Single Review

A regular staple of the site since their introduction in 2013 the US electro-indie duo The Analog Affair made available a new track within the past twenty four hours.

The Analog Affair - Feel Your Fire - artwork

The Analog Affair – Feel Your Fire – artwork

Feel Your Fire discovers The Analog Affair in a buffered moment as the track combines both skippy beats and hushed tones resulting in a track that entices the listener for its polar extremes.

Rather than Feel Your Fire falling by the wayside as collateral damage by a duo who like to test new ideas The Analog Affair have been able to coalesce the two concepts with a finesse of hand borne of skilled Contract Bridge Players as the feints successfully transpose to a bid of Six No Trumps – Redoubled.

The swooping arches of synthetics festoon the listener in showering confetti as the gauzed vocal slices into the ear whilst the trippy beat finds the feet uncontrollably tapping in syncopation.

Always a pleasure to come back to, in Feel Your Fire, The Analog Affair have raised the bar of expectation for future material with this release.

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