The Amazing Devil

From London in England centred around the duo of Joey Batey and Madeleine Hyland are the decadent-folk band The Amazing Devil.

The Amazing Devil - decadent-folk from England

The Amazing Devil

Teasing tongue-slicking glossy lips invitations tease themselves out of the speakers as acoustic and electronic guitar, cello, vocal and percussion invite the audience to partake of the temptations on offer.

There is a Celtic lilt to the material which threads from the sparse heathlands of the Grouse to the land of the urban Fox and the conundrums  of the Thames Garden Bridge as The Amazing Devil unravel their material in their début ten track LP Love Run which is being released on the 27th (available on bandcamp).

These are skillful songwriters who are able to carve a niche for themselves that finds the listener wanting to coalesce around with their finely chiselled artistry. It is somehow prescient that they are able to anchor themselves in the crumbling edifices of the skyscraper landscape of an urban surrounding of ‘investment property’ whilst their music casts embracing sympathetica for the displacement of the necessary supporting infrastructure as they reflect on the modern day fall of the Roman Empire.

Whilst the nucleus of the creativity lays in the duo, although relatively new on the scene they already have a thread of live performances and add three players to live performance. It will be interesting to see how the two plus three evolves in time and perhaps trusts to become a quintet, we shall discover in due course.


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