The Altobeelays – Psycho Jungle – Audio

The Canadian funk-rock band The Altobeelays released the LP Weaponized Magik earlier in the month.

The Altobeelays

The Altobeelays

Weaving in threads of jazz, rock, funk, soul and the occasional hip-hop – The Altobeelays deliver a well designed tapestry for the audience to spend time. Their music continually has a frenetic hive of activity going on at anyone time providing it a sense of extemporisation and resulting in the output having a natural organic flow which holds attention.

Spending much of their time on the road, the collection of  eight songs on Weaponized Magik, which is available directly from their website, affords both those who have seen them in live performance and those who haven’t the opportunity to recreate their own party at home.

By way of an introduction the opening track Psycho Jungle.

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