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The rock band Thadeus Gonzalez from the USA release their eponymous LP on the 29th of July.

Thadeus Gonzalez

Thadeus Gonzalez

Centred around the trio of Scott Reategui RichardsNick Hernandez and Thadeus Gonzalez plus additional players, including synths – as makes sense. The band offers to the audience music with a quizzical thought about the ponderance of social mores, where to abuse is deemed to be of the accepted mainstream and to question is deemed subversive.

From the nine track album – the opener – Diamond High mewls around the paintwork ripping claws into the plaster with blistering bass and percussion which are the impetus of the music. The submerged guitar provides the off-stage whispers as the fluttering vocal gives the contextual, ironic, piquancy.

Thadeus Gonzalez demonstrate in the opening song their core message with the strung out languid six string guitar and skittish vocal which are the normal focal point, as being support to the bass and drum-kit whilst they ask the audience to look deeper than the veneer.

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