Texas Never Whispers

Texas Never Whispers is the Austin, USA, lugubrious-indie quartet of Tim ReganJoel CalvinGreg Barkley and Momin Ahmad.

Texas Never Whispers

Texas Never Whispers

Those of longer stay will recall the names Greg Barkley and Tim Regan from an article about Oh No Oh My back in 2013. With similar sadness the curling evocations leisurely drift around the room planting damp mossy squabs as they progress, yet, even more expressive.

Time and contemplation has allowed Texas Never Whispers to formulate a bitter-sweet flavour to their sound – akin to taste of an orange zested chocolate mousse – at once warming whilst equally being sharp to the sense. The laid-back delays in guitar sway in comforting breeze to punctilious percussion and cursive bass allows vocals to flow freely to the supporting infrastructure.

Their latest EP The Further I Go West is set for release on the 9th and whilst each number is of interest, my pick of the EP and the second of the four also features a second vocalist Sabrina Ellis giving Texas Never Whispers an extra texture with a subtle haunting synth which lays in the background creating yet another dimension to sound.


The Further I Go West – EP – Texas Never Whispers is available on iTunes.*

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  1. Ha
    Only listened to this because you referenced Oh No! Oh My!
    It is a great short Song.
    Bookmarked your site.
    Chris (London)

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