Terrestria – Collide – Single Review

Terrestria is a Scottish indie-rock quintet.

Terrestria - Photo by Graeme K Cunningham

Terrestria – Photo by Graeme K Cunningham

Today they released their début single Collide.

A just over four and a half minutes track that melts influences from indie-dance to soaring rock riffs, which they are able to turn around to an output which simultaneously has fleet-footed sparkle to it, driving pacing and spacious melodies, without the listener ever feeling lost in the sounds that swell around the room.

A well put together début – Collide builds its intensity through the composition, opening with jangling guitar and closing with roaring combinations, not an easy mix of ideas to bring together and to their credit Terrestia demonstrate that innate ability in a first offering which sets them a high bar to reach for future releases.

Currently actively pursuing gigs, the single can’t but help in that quest.

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