Terminal Gods – Road Of The Law – Video

It has been over a couple of years since the English alt-rock band Terminal Gods last featured and I have no idea why it has taken me long to get to an update.

Terminal Gods - Road Of The Law - artwork

Terminal Gods – Road Of The Law – artwork

The tightly packed rippling muscle that strides out of the speakers in Road Of The Law makes it only of greater sadness that I haven’t revisited the band more recently. A congress of dark clouds gather in the room as bass is joined by thumping percussion with a scratched guitar adding to the sense of foreboding over which the vocal sets off the menacing tone and the audience is left to enjoy the music that they can feel pulsing into their veins.

Road Of The Law is the A side of a two track single of the same name released last month (available on bandcamp) and with the synthesized brooding of the B side – Movement, well worth grabbing hold of and putting on loop.

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