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Ten Tombs are a grunge quartet from England.

Ten Tombs

Ten Tombs

Languishing in my email inbox I find many things I sadly didn’t get to immediately, though I do get there in the end and Demons should have come to my attention in mid-November – so belatedly and with apologies, the one track I am able to find and their début single – .

Almost imperceptibly the sounds emerge from the speakers before building their intensity as Ten Tombs deliver music that has a blurry timbre, giving Demons a menacing broodiness that would not be out of place in a foggy graveyard. Don’t be fooled by the hushed tones Ten Tombs offer, it is this quietness that gives the track the impact, while the instruments melt one into the other the muffled anguished vocal creates the sense of foreboding and the insistent percussion is the only element given clarity of space as it harries the audience with its pulsing punctuation marks.

Rumour has it that 2016 will see new songs surfacing early on and once there is more, I will come back with a fuller review of Ten Tombs.

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