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Teleskopes is a psychedelic trio from the USA.

Teleskopes - photo by Louis Raynor

Teleskopes – photo by Louis Raynor

It is of little surprise that Teleskopes have been planning an LP since 2014, though word arrives that as an as yet untitled album consisting of possibly ten tracks is a thought for sometime in 2017, given the time-bending material they create.

One track has surfaced from the album – Criminal – and to gain maximal appreciation ensure you have crystals spinning slowly with bright light shining through them to create the refraction of colours hanging above your head and gaze up at an otherwise darkened ceiling, or failing that grab hold of a kaleidoscope and you will be in the right space to enjoy their output.

Slowing the movement of the Stereocilia, Teleskopes, are not a band to be listening to whilst walking unless aiming to stagger around in ever decreasing circles as the undulating guitar and reverberating drum slew across the room with accompanying bass and vocal which revolve inside themselves as they ease their way into the brain.

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