Telepathy from Colchester in England is the experimental metal quartet of Piotr TurekAlbert Turek, Richard Powley and Krystian Turek.

Telepathy - experimental metal from England


Telepathy add a miraged twist to metal with their multi-dimensional meanderings to a solid spine of instruments. Rather than pursue the more usual line of hammering sounds nailed to their conclusion, the quartet explore the potential of chords in a psychedelic flight of fancy which provides the resulting music with an airiness and breathability which akin to a Trojan Horse relaxes the guard, yet once inside the brain, fires spikes of thunderous energy around the head.

With tracks raging from well under two minutes to approaching eight Telepathy are able to throw out continual surprises which keeps the listener in a thrall of discombobulation. The quartet deliver what is probably the nearest Metal will ever come to ambience as they elongate the notes into a curling wisps of sound, whilst the core remains as contiguous and closely weaved as your would anticipate from an all out metal out-fit.

Their most recent LP 12 Areas was released in May and the seven track release which extends for over thirty five minutes is a fine place to dwell in a kaleidoscope of music.

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