Teenage Wildlife

Teenage Wildlife from London in England is the musical journey of John Wright.

Teenage Wildlife - world music from England

Teenage Wildlife

The music of Teenage Wildlife stretches wide boundaries as John takes on the instrumentation, samples and mastering to reflect sonically on personal considerations. With an established career as a photographer, it would have been very easy to make Teenage Wildlife a self-indulgent cause, however there lurks a talented creator with much to add to the world of music, which is expressed in the sounds.

Prior releases have seen John focus on mainstream established genres with the odd flourish here and there. A new double A side set for release on the 1st September The Last Great Love Affair / Most Beautiful Thing however finds the compositions burgeoning towards their fuller potential, with infusions of much, delivered through what is best described as ‘world music’.

Whilst Teenage Wildlife always creates music with much going on as instruments and electronics combine, the resulting out-put lays easily on the ears. All a little too smooth for my every-day play list, nonetheless there is much to recommend the compositions. The forthcoming release, which is still very much of the accessible, has more twists and turns, providing a far more rewarding experience.

I wish the project every success, as ultimately Teenage Wildlife exists as a means to raise funds for John to be able to support charities working with under-privileged young people.

I am unable to share either of the new tracks, so as a flavour of the sounds….

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