Tattoo Money – CoCo Curious – Single Review

As long term readers know, music which challenges and questions social mores is always likely to pique my interest even if the style isn’t my natural territory and so I find the USA based Tattoo Money.

Tattoo Money

Tattoo Money

CoCo Curious is a song – released on the 21st – reflecting on the taboos and quirks of inter-racial dating as Pete Armour considers dating girls in a song that diverts musically between hip-hop and indie rock with a tremulous vocal, that suits the subject matter perfectly.

As Pete puts it – ‘… “I hate to tell you this, but your parents aren’t going to be here forever, and you shouldn’t risk a life of happiness with someone you want to be with, just to please some one you are going to outlive” It messed me up, because before this sad realization, I never thought my race would matter to any girl I approached, but from then on until now I immediately think “I wonder if she likes black dudes” instead of “how does my hair look” Or “Do I have anything in my teeth?” Don’t get me wrong everyone has their preferences, if my skin tone isn’t your thing, that’s cool! But if you won’t date me because your parents told you “don’t come home with a Black dude” that’s just Weak!…’

Thanks Tattoo Money for exploring personal facets and throwing them out for observation by others.

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