Tape Deck Mountain

Tape Deck Mountain based in New York in the USA is the dreamwave songwriter Travis Trevisan.

Tape Deck Mountain - lo-fi from the USA

Tape Deck Mountain

There is a certain pleasure to be taken from trawling old archives of missed emails and when I first received an email back in 2010 about Tape Deck Mountain the act was still very much steeped in the West Coast of America lo-fi scene, the intervening years have seen a more cynical disposition emerge in the sounds as the New York edges have scuffed the material and better for it, it is too.

The shifting sands of sonics scour against each other in the ears until becoming smoother and the more rounded notes evolve, which start to massage the brain with pressing urgency akin to a dog leaning against the legs and the listener finds themselves shifting position to accommodate the music which takes on a kaleidoscopic form into which the audience lays back in comfort.

As would perhaps be anticipated these languid pieces are given time to develop by Travis and this is not music to devour ravenously, rather to savour the flavour.

For fans of the genre, Tape Deck Mountain is a fine exponent and with regular releases and tours across the USA, readily accessible.


Sway – Tape Deck Mountain is available on iTunes*.

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