Talvihorros – Eaten Alive – LP review

Talvihorros is a solo project from Ben Chatwin, a Scotland-based composer and sound artist signed to Denovali, a German-based record label specialising in electronic and ambient music. Once again thanks to Robbie for his review.

Talvihorros - Eaten Alive

Talvihorros – Eaten Alive – LP artwork

Released on bandcamp in January 2014 the eight track LP, Eaten Alive is the latest in a line of releases for Talvihorros and was largely inspired by the difficulties faced by a close friend growing up in East London.

From the opening track – Little Pieces of Discarded Life

it becomes clear that Talvihorros is a musical project existing largely on a textural basis; you won’t find typical recognisable elements from rock and pop such as rhythm guitar or a drum kit in these songs. That isn’t to say there aren’t musical elements within these compositions, as compelling melodies and organic pulses are woven throughout the album, but they exist largely as electronic grains which meld with one another to create a dense soup of sound within which the listener can lose themselves.

Eaten Alive features layers of guitar and bass in the following tracks, which serve to ground the piece as a multidisciplinary work rather than purely digital, such as in track four – Objectum, in which guitar melodies weave and harmonise within a fundamentally electronic sound environment.

Perhaps the most memorable is the sixth track, The Secrets of the Sky, which contains several melodies which phase in and out of the piece whilst the digital percussion thuds away before being devoured by the roar gradually building in the background. This is my stand out track of the album as I feel it perfectly encapsulates the hypnotic, overwhelming beauty of Ben Chatwin’s work.

It’s obvious there is some kind of higher artistic goal within Eaten Alive, which is lacking from so much music in this day and age. Each track is lavishly produced and is testament to the vision of the artist.

This album is a satisfying blend of atmospherics and melody, and one I enjoy from beginning to end. If you like this album, check out the Talvihorros Bandcamp page and keep an eye on the Denovali record label. They’re putting on a two-day event called the Denovali Swingfest in Berlin and London this April and in Essen this October. Check it out!

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