Talpa Tiva – Luci Licu – Audio

Talpa Tiva is an experimental-electronics duo from Denmark.

Talpa Tiva

Talpa Tiva

With only one track to take a listen lasting precisely one hundred and eighty seconds there isn’t much I can tell you about Talpa Tiva, other than to suggest that you take out some time to enjoy Luci Licu.

A whisk of experimental vocalism, where the words until uttered do not exist are frothed with Arabian souks and electrical discharge to leave the listener having to play again immediately and then once more just to check the ears hadn’t deceived them. I am minded a little of the experimental music scene in Cambridgeshire (England), where musical astrophysicist get together with like minded stem-cell research fellowship scholars to fluctuate feathers through coil and comb to amplify the frequencies and then put them through a sequencer with an end result is surprisingly engaging to the audience and thus it is with Talpa Tiva.

I look forward to coming back to Talpa Tiva when there is more around to hear.


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