Tall Kitchen Bag – Sobchak’s Companion – Single Review

Tall Kitchen Bag is a US lofi project who released their début single last month.

Tall Kitchen Bag

Tall Kitchen Bag

Lasting less than three minutes Sobchak’s Companion (available on bandcamp) is able to discover a way to wheedle its way into the brain with the jarring of the recording meters. Softly spoken glittery guitar is encased in bruising bass which flattens as it pitches against the out-put range while percussion threads between distinct and equally burnished while vocal harmonises the different ideas that float in to the room.

It is for the carefree ease of it all that Tall Kitchen Bag deliver material that is a joy to hear as they provide music that seems exactly right because of all that is wrong in recording and I look forward to hearing more of the quintet and hope they continue to ignore the fundamentals of recording sound level meters.

Word arrives of their début EP coming out next year as a cassette – I will keep you informed as I discover more news.

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