Talk With Your Hands – R.P.K. – Audio

The US indie-summer trio Talk With Your Hands released their eponymous EP on the 16th.

Talk With Your Hands

Talk With Your Hands

Akin to a warming breeze drifting through the room in the four track release (available on bandcamp) the listener can feel the temperature rise to a comfortable heat as Talk With Your Hands deliver a soundtrack of unhurried pace.

The roomy guitar flows in and out of itself in delays and echoes whilst the bass calmly bubbles through the music as a dreamy vocal floats in to the ears with the percussion skimming across the skins, like a stone skipping over water, giving the songs their lightness of touch. Though Talk With Your Hands are also able to gather momentum as though a sirocco blowing across Southern France – as is the case in the closing track Wake Up!.

My selection being the penultimate song – R.P.K..

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