The Franklys

The Franklys, a new-wave quartet based in London, England originating from Sweden, England and The USA is Zoë Biggs (Bass), Nicole Pinto (Drums), Fanny Broburg (Guitar) and Jen Ahlkvist (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar).

The Franklys - new-wave based in England

The Franklys – new-wave based in England

Turn up the speakers, stand up and move the furniture, then hit play – The Franklys will find you happily destroying everything in your pathway with an exuberant flailing body as percussion incessantly piles into the ears, with skipping beats whilst a mesmeric bass finds your head wildly bouncing in opposite directions to which a screaming multiplex of guitars sets the context as you reach for the vocal accompaniment.

The Franklys is able to harness the energy that sweats its way out of the speakers in manageable slices, where the raw dynamism is encapsulated in nuggets of shiny desire, without loosing the burning frustrations laying underneath, but not sprawling into a morass of incoherent noise.

As a regular reader, you will know, the moment you see ‘new-wave’ as a genre descriptor this is a recommendation as an immediate add to playlist and guess what? Do.

Having had the opportunity to take a listen to their back catalogue along with their forthcoming release, which comes out on the 27th – Bad News, I once again find myself positing, if you don’t want to pop The Franklys into your ‘must have’ on release, you are reading the wrong website.


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