Daniel PujolZach ProsserBrett Rosenberg and Benji Coale from Columbia in the USA form the agit-rock band Pujol.

Pujol - agit-rock from the USA


Whilst the music is steeped in rock ‘n’ roll Pujol deliver a message of commentary in a world where, an office building atrium larger than a housing estate is a signal of success, casting scant regard for the largesse of quantitative easing for corporations but derision of the individuals who comprise society.

Pujol are able to deliver material that tempts the audience to the dance-floor as the good time sounds of even temper grab hold of the feet whilst simultaneously the lyric grumbles of a world in which ownership of glittery-tat is a mark of worth to the world.

The quartet are a delightful dichotomy who are able to conjoin vacuity with perspicacity and not alienate anyone in the process which is perhaps the greatest ironical statement made by a band for many a year, or perhaps the most sharp-eyed mendacious commentary.

Pujol do not cast aspersions on however their audience wishes to partake, trusting their message will surface, though evidently somewhat circumspect of the ability of many to engage without it being of meme, which in itself is yet another disparaging repost by the band and as you know – I have much time for musicians who journey with cynicism.


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