New Year Ninety 2016 – 30 to 21

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all musicians be you: In the New Year Ninety; Whether I have reviewed your music – or not – you make the world a better place and please keep turning your thoughts to music. From thirty to twenty one on the readers selection for the New Year Ninety 2016.

Boys Of Terror - New Year Ninety 2016

Boys Of Terror

30. The Shorts (Australia)

29. The Scarlet Fever (Canada)

Collider – The Scarlet Fever is available on iTunes.*

28. Katie Caulfield (Poland)

27. Youth Club (England)

Brothers – EP – Youth Club is available on iTunes.*

26. Rakunk (USA)

Rakunk (EP) – Rakunk is available on iTunes.*

25. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club (Sweden)

Lift the Darkness – EP – St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club is available on iTunes.*

24. Indytronics (Ukraine)

Scintilla Wave – Indytronics is available on iTunes.*

23. The Fixation (England)

Is That a Gun In Your Pocket Or Is This Date Just Going Better Than Expected? – Single – The Fixation is available on iTunes.*

22. Here We Harbour (USA)

Arrivals – EP – Here We Harbour is available on iTunes.*

21. Boys Of Terror (Sweden)

What Everybody Feels – Boys of Terror is available on iTunes.*

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Youth Club – Breathe – Video

The English indie quartet Youth Club were introduced early last year.

Youth Club - Brothers - artwork

Youth Club – Brothers – artwork

From the EP Brothers – the first of the five tracks – Breathe.

Brothers – EP – Youth Club is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Youth Club

Youth Club an indie-pop band from Southend in England is Gerrard Duffield (Vocals), Rees Broomfield (Drums), Joseph Francisco White (Guitar) and Daniel Javier White (Guitar).

Youth Club - indie pop from England

Youth Club

Although relatively new as a unit, there is performance and recording experience within Youth Club, which is evident in their début four track plus four remixes EP –  Colours – which is scheduled for release on the 28th. Light on the ears and radio friendly, Youth Club have created a summery initial release. Whilst I find some of the sounds a little too ‘commercial’ for me there is also a connectedness to the music which plays well with the audience.

The music is of no specific geographically discernible location, which gives the band the potential for a wide international audience, though the vocals firmly place it as from England. At times ranging to the soulful, the next uplifting dance, Youth Club compose well structured pieces with the panache required to suit the style.

I look forward to hearing more of Youth Club as I am certain they have plenty more of the more moody textures inside themselves that personally resonate with me. Time will tell which direction they set their sail. Having experience in the band, should help them to steer clear of  loosing the heart and soul of the sound.

She’s a Dancer is the opener of the EP.

website (music begins immediately).

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