Youth Club for Яich Kids – Open Arms – Single Review

The English indie troupe Youth Club for Яich Kids are keeping themselves busy this year as Open Arms marks the second single release of 2016.

Youth Club for Яich Kids - Open Arms

Youth Club for Яich Kids

Open Arms has a more restrained undertow than the previous release and although the listener finds themselves heading towards a summer beach, rather than basking in bright sunshine the track minds of the warming evening bonfire to dance around.

The vocals of Harry Thomas gives Youth Club for Яich Kids an estuary English distinctiveness, but it is the sublime interplay between the two guitars of Liam Cox and Harry which gives the quartet its lift as the combinations of twelve strings weave into one another with an electronic fusion providing the melting candle-wax. The bass of Alex Hayward and percussion by Conor Hayward are integral in building skeleton that allows the flowing luxuriance to envelop the listener in a sense of relaxed pleasure as each element is integral to the overall out-put.

A little on the radio friendly side to be added to my everyday playlist Open Arms nonetheless is a track to add to the summer barbecue curation.

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Youth Club for Яich Kids – They Know – Video

Youth Club for Яich Kids is an indie band from England.

Youth Club for Яich Kids

Youth Club for Яich Kids

Not to be confused with Youth Club from the gritty end of Essex, Youth Club for Яich Kids from Berkshire are able to immediately strip away connotations of any sense of largesse, even taking the mickey out of themselves with the band name and the use of pretentious Cyrillic text which reflects of their location in one of the most expensive places to live in the UK.

The music does not sound of spoiled children greedily hanging on to their brand new instruments Mummy and Daddy of the Suburbs purchased for them along with excavating a cellar for them to practice within, rather of summer beach barbecues and considered creativity to which all are welcome.

Spangled guitar warms up the room as mellifluous bass and percussion flow around the ears in jaunty off- beat that, as a regular reader you will know, I find difficult to resist, whilst nasal vocal gives the material a cocaine-riven throw-back ’90s feel.

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