New Year Ninety 2014 – 40 to 31

The New Year Ninety as always features a diverse range of musical styles and influences, reflective of the diverse musical interests of the readers.

Emerging Indie Bands - New Year Ninety

Emerging Indie Bands – New Year Ninety

40. Singleton (Ukraine)

Uncovered – Singleton is available on iTunes*.

39. Beyond Visions (Sweden)

Your Face Is Familiar – Beyond Visions is available on iTunes*.

38. Audio Disease (England)

Contagion – Audio Disease is available on iTunes*.

37. Wings Of Apollo (USA)

Wings of Apollo is available on iTunes*.

36. Kurws (Poland)

35. Maybe The Welders (USA)

34. David Rovics (USA)

33. The Known Pleasures (USA)

Let the Old Dreams Die – The Known Pleasures is available on iTunes*.

32. Katja Luhtala (Finland)

Safe European Home – Katja Luhtala is available on iTunes*

31. Dangerous Person? (Germany)

Diving – Dangerous Person? is available on iTunes*.

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Beyond Visions

Beyond Visions a Heavy rock band from Stockholm in Sweden is Rebecka Heijel (Vocal), Henrik Jansson (Drums) and Alexander Berg (Guitar).

Beyond Vision - Metal from Sweden

Beyond Vision

Longer term readers will recognize Rebecka from Pretty Solitude, Beyond Visions are far removed from that iteration. Having been together since 2007 the band has developed a strong cohesion though for various reasons haven’t maximised their potential, 2013 and beyond could well see all this change with the release of their debut LP the twelve track Your Face Is Familiar which is available on iTunes*.

The guitar scythes its way across the room with a percussion that rolls through everything in its path and a triumphant vocal rides victoriously through the landscape. High voltage rock played with confidence is good on the ears and Beyond Visions have spent their time well, honing their craft, as this is most certainly a tight sounding outfit who can throw out the gauntlet of flailing guitars, whilst inside it sits a sense of mythical Scandinavian legends of the gods.

It will be interesting to see if Beyond Visions take this opportunity to capitalise on their evident talent to take this to a wider audience or whether they will continue to take the ethereal route they have taken thus far with fleeting releases far apart.

If you enjoy heavy rock with the ability to capture the mind then this trio is a great place to spend some time and I hope it isn’t another four years before they deliver their next album.


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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.