Callum Pitt – You’d Better Sell It While You Can – Single Review

The English alt-folk creator Callum Pitt will be releasing the single You’d Better Sell It While You Can on the 24th of February.

Callum Pitt

Callum Pitt

A quietly paced piece – You’d Better Sell It While You Can – evolves through its approaching four and a half minutes duration from honkey-tonk piano to a melodious fusion of wallowing guitar and the listeners find themselves swaying along with the revolving combinations that unfurl themselves around the ears, as the textured voice, which will either make for instant dislike or interest, flows through the composition.

A tad more user friendly than much of the music featured on the site, I nonetheless suggest that spending time with Callum Pitt won’t be time you will feel regretful utilising.

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