President of What? – You Wouldn’t Believe How Hard It Was to Get That Up My Sleeve – Audio

The Irish lofi-angst duo President of What? released the LP The Owners Will Be Home Soon on the 4th.

President of What?

President of What?

A roughly thirty one minutes – dozen track album of pained extrusion which will either have you running for the hills or wrapped in enthralled silence – on the basis that I am asking you to spend time with them tells you that I do enjoy their out of tune, out of time, out of kilter compositions which meander across contemplatives of the minutiae of life in quizzical perspective.

President Of What? strip away any pretentious processes whilst laying bare inner turmoils in compositions which reminds of desperately striking damp Swan Vesta pink sulphur waxed Matches and convincing one-self – this one will sort it all out – only to discover that akin to the veneer of life, waxed matches really are not that effective in rainy conditions and will soon flicker to charred corners. If you have ever attempted to light a wet cigarette in the rain with a damp box of Swan Vesta you will understand the analogy, else will likely be scratching your head in confusion.

The ninth track on The Owners Will Be Home Soon (available on bandcamp) is You Wouldn’t Believe How Hard It Was to Get That Up My Sleeve.

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