Tenderhooks – Yolena – Audio

The English alt-rock sextet Tenderhooks will be releasing the LP The North Star imminently.

Tenderhooks - UK


Within the past hour Yolena, from the forthcoming ten track album, has been revealed.

Those of longer stay and memory may be wondering if Tenderhooks have now relocated from Australia – no – this is one of those, surprisingly rare occasions given the number of bands featured since the last decade, they merely share the same band name.

Yolena is a brit-blues soaked track containing a good natured lyric that raises a smile surrounded by a foot-stomping bass that rattles the windows from which spiralling guitars pirouette through the room like a ballet dancer whilst a rolling percussion gives the song an unexpected disco-beat. While the song is a hive of activity, much like a swan paddling underwater, the audience is left with only a graceful progression that rests comfortably on the ears and even more so on the dance-floor.

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