Yes You Are – Come Back Home – Audio

The US alternative rock quintet Yes You Are first featured in 2015 and last in 2016, making it about time there was update and their latest single, released on the 20th, Come Back Home seems an appropriate moment.

Yes You Are - Come Back Home

Yes You Are

A band who have consistently straddled creations of mainstream pop music merged with rock ballads have, in Come Back Home (available on bandcamp), stretched towards gospel with an acoustic led echoing chorale attests to a group of musicians who are able to add their own twist to concept and deliver something far more substantial and of more inclusive reach to those of us who prefer our music a tad more gutsy, in this instance it is the central spotlight on the vocal which captures attention.

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New Year Ninety 2017 – 30 to 21

Although each year over 1 500 new bands are featured it is a fraction of the 300 plus bands a day who make an introduction and I would like to thank all musicians for doing what they do, whether in the New Year Ninety, ever featured or not – your creativity is appreciated – The New Year Ninety from 30 to 21…

Them Rumblin Bones - New Year Ninety 2017

Them Rumblin Bones

30. Hello Casanova (Northern Ireland)

I’ll Be Waiting is available on Amazon.*

29. Hidden Charms (England)

Cannonball is available on Amazon.*

28. Yes You Are (USA)

27. Temper Cartel (England)

26. Boom Child (Ireland)

25. Them Rumblin’ Bones (Australia)

Them Rumblin’ Bones is available on bandcamp

24. The Gloomies (USA)

Blackout – EP – The Gloomies is available on iTunes.*

23. Curse Of Lono (England)

22. The Cut Losses (Canada)

Lightning Dolphin – EP – The Cut Losses is available on iTunes.*

21. Sharn (New Zealand)

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Yes You Are – A Miracle – Video

The US alt-rock quintet Yes You Are first featured in December and have become firm favourites with the readers securing the Readers’ Choice for Band Of The Month in January.

Yes You Are - A Miracle

Yes You Are

A live version of a performance of A Miracle on the 12th – needs no additional commentary – the audience give their verdict.

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Yes You Are

From Kansas City in the USA surface the alt-rock quintet of Jared White (Guitar), Willie Jordan (Bass), Jacob Temeyer ( Guitar / Keys), Joe Wilner (Drums) and Kianna Alarid (Vocals) who form Yes You Are.

Yes You Are - alt-rock from the USA

Yes You Are

The tempered sounds of Yes You Are stretch across a palette of colours from shiny white to deep aubergine and it is when they step towards the richer colour scheme that I most enjoy their music. Given there are only three songs I have been able to hear, that is quite a range. The quintet are tempted to reach for the mainstream of radio play but underlying the creativity is a soul of rock influences and they are still exploring the avenue to pursue. One can only hope they retain that scruff inside the smartly pressed presentation.

Superbly delivered compositions allow the audience much to engage with as the electronics billow expansive refrains whilst a solid bass insists on keeping all the feet on the ground. The guitar provides the expressive flow of the tracks whilst percussion carefully negotiates the disparate elements. The singular vocal lifts the out-put from ‘interesting’ to ‘must hear’ as Kianna threads between melodic accompaniment and forceful commentary.

I look forward to hearing in which direction of travel Yes You Are head in 2016. It will come as no surprise to regular readers I would have a preference for the gritty rather than the over polished but where ever they journey, I wish them well as they have much to add to the world of music.


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