Yellow6 – springsun – Audio

The English ambient-drone project Yellow6 released the two track single springsun on the 30th of May.

Yellow6 - springsun

Yellow6 – springsun

Loping guitar and oppressive loops of electronica permeate the walls of the room with their fractal expansion and as it typical of Jon Atwood – a two track single emerges as an approaching twenty one minute cradling of the ears. Never pressing volume or pace, the title piece finds the audience hypnotised by the spell of the layers of the tad over fifteen minutes of springsun (available on bandcamp).

It has been a little while since material from Silber has featured and today, with some delight I found notification of three new releases surface into my inbox.

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Yellow6 – Seal Beach – Video

The English ambient-drone creator Yellow6 releases the LP No Memories, Only Photographs next month through Silber Records.

Yellow6 - No Memories, Only Photographs - CD

Yellow6 – No Memories, Only Photographs – CD

From the forthcoming release Seal Beach.


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