Alien Tango – Sexy Time – Video

Alien Tango is an England based indie-dance project.

Alien Tango

Alien Tango

There are times in life when all one needs to do is dance around naked in a summer shower to feel the zest of life return back in to the system and akin to contemporaries such as Yalta Club and The Shh – with Alien Tango – stop worrying about being ‘appropriate’ just enjoy the moment for what it is – uncomplicated, not contrived – merely of joyful abandon and join in with Sexy Time.

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Yalta Club – Stars – Video

The German / French indie-synth band Yalta Club release the LP Hybris on the 27th of January.

Yalta Club - Stars

Yalta Club

Their signature dance flavouring in the first track to surface from HybrisStars – spreads an immediate warmth through the room that has the audience joining in with the party.

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New Year Ninety 2016 – 90 to 81

The New Year is five hours and five minutes old here in the UK and today is a thread of posts for the New Year Ninety of 2016. My thanks to the readers who can’t actually vote to make up the charts but are those who position the chart order through various algorithms, without you the site would be nothing more than an echo in a very dark chamber.

Tim Whale

Tim Whale

90. The Marital (USA)

Bold Show – The Marital is available on iTunes.*

89. Cardboard Cousin (USA)

88. Blood & Honey (Germany / Ireland)

87. Birthmark (Greece)

Subtract – Birthmark is available on iTunes.*

86. White Ape (England)

Game of Soldiers / A Face At the Window – Single – White Ape is available on iTunes.*

85. The Shambolic (England)

The Dead the Dying and the Damned – The Shambolic is available on iTunes.*

84. FlashFires (England)

The Play EP – FlashFires is available on iTunes.*

83. Yalta Club (France / Germany)

Yalta Club – Yalta Club is available on iTunes.*

82. The Rapports (England)

81. Rolin Humes (Croatia)

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Yalta Club – LOVE – Audio

The German / French indie-synth band Yalta Club based in Paris (France) are putting final touches to an LP due for release early in 2016.

Yalta Club

Yalta Club

A stand alone track that will not be on the album – LOVE – was written in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attack in January as a cathartic – optimistic – sorrowful response. Paris once again becoming a centre for attack earlier this month Yalta Club have revisited the track and decided to make it publicly available in the vein of the initial immediate response.

A song of inclusion not division, with the off-beat, as a regular reader knows I can’t help but find revolving around my brain, LOVE has an earthy honesty to it, that finds the listener pumping arms in unison.


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