WUZI – You Are My Shadow – Audio

The English psychedelic rock quartet WUZI released the three track single Bozo Material on the 2nd.



Ensure you have a clear day prior to hitting play, as, as soon as the brain latches to the approximately eleven minutes release it will be seeking means to extend the hallucinogenic flows of moment by insisting on a top up of the feel good mood.

The guitars bend inside hazy folds of echoing reverb while bass pops in and out of earshot as it fancies, giving the songs their multidimensional shape, whilst percussion busies itself seeking out fresh grazing pastures and the vocal, akin to a wayward puppy exploring new smells reluctantly being pulled on a leash, adorably, snuffles the ears.

The middle track is You Are My Shadow.


Bozo Material is available on Amazon.*

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