Muerto Rico – Undermost – EP Review

The ever creative Serbian angst-rock trio Muerto Rico released their latest EP Undermost on the 17th.

Muerto Rico - Undermost - EP Review

Muerto Rico

Following on from their September release Worst Coast, Undermost (which is available on bandcamp) continues with the raging emo schematic.

The first of the four tracks – Brüte Blavor, descends into the room in seemingly benign mood, before the sweetly plucked guitar notes evidence the mendacious intent and distort into the scrawling foment that is Muerto Rico in full flow of malicious incitement with the vocal of extended neck veins being joined by insurgent angular instrumentation and a percussion caterwauling of unheralded invective.

Choufflait – despite a title that may have you thinking of a Parisian pâtisserie is a full throttle just under two minutes of delightful bulldozing sludge.

My pick of the release is the abstruse Talk Is Cheap, Silence Is Free, which is set to the most melodious and calmly extrapolated fretwork I have featured of the tracks by Muerto Rico over the past few articles about the band, yet despite the calmness of the musical accompaniment, the vocal is still delivered as though hollering from a very deep well then suddenly restrained by a chorus of voices to which the listener feels invited to accompany.

The concluding track of Undermost is Muerto Rico is back on familiar territory as 21st Century Bastards hurtles into the room as though unfurled from a cruise missile launcher in an excoriating delve through moral political malaise.

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Muerto Rico – Worst Coast – EP Review

It has been just under a year since the Serbian angst-rock trio Muerto Rico were introduced. On the 8th they released the EP Worst Coast.

Muerto Rico - Worst Coast

Muerto Rico

The four track EP is best played in an abandoned graveyard as Muerto Rico, deliver what they do best in an oppressive night. Opening with the longest track – a second under five minutes – Stay Classy / Saint Juan which sends shivers up and down the spine as the skeletal construct is sawn through by jagged bones which penetrate the ears is a scene setter for Worst Coast.

Death By Fabio will find you merging with the moss on the stones as the trio bring forward rattling cymbals to which a pronounced bass provides pivoting polarisation, as the hoarsely screaming vocal mind of a tortured mind seeking comprehension of the plight in which is finds itself.

Next up is my pick of the release Kevin Babin, which also happens to be the shortest number at a smidgen over 135 seconds. Muerto Rico deliver an embodiment of anxiety, which in its brief duration threads from full throttle panic, to gradual acceptance, affording the trio the opportunity to seemingly extend time.

Closing out Worst Coast is Go Lioness in which a superb plectrum sliding along the strings is almost lost in the frenzy of mutilation.

Grab hold of Worst Coast which is available on bandcamp – find yourself a burial ground, crank up the volume and revel in the gothic spires which Muerto Rico will build in the mists.

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