Oli Spleen – Death Rattle – Video

The English excoriating-rock musician Oli Spleen has not been featured for almost a year now, so time to get to an update.

Oli Spleen - Death Rattle

Oli Spleen – Death Rattle

From the LP Fag Machine initially looked at back in 2013, in support of World AIDS Day released a new re-collective commentary for the last of the dozen tracks – Death Rattle.

Those who have followed the various articles about the music of Oli Spleen will be aware he is a creator who writes of personally emotionally charged moments and will understand why it is always a pleasure to catch up with his material, that never puts a warming plastic buffer between the listener and the honesty of his own darkest moments.

For those not of longer stay – welcome to the creative world of Oli Spleen, a musician to add to the ‘essential musicians playlist’.

Fag Machine – Oli Spleen is available on iTunes.*

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