Camcorder – Manifest Misery – EP Review

My apologies to everyone, especially to you, for the late posting of news of the latest release of the English mulch-rock outfit Camcorder.



Sitting in my email in-box since the 14th has been news of their début EP Manifest Misery, by Camcorder, which much like the title takes the audience on a journey of inner tumult.

The opening track, Wither is within the scope of the release, despite this being of lighter texture than the core of Manifest Misery nonetheless affords some of the oily soaked rags of guitar which feature strongly elsewhere.

Longest Looser is without doubt a truffle rarely unearthed. A scowled guitar minds me of a vulture arguing over the best carrion and you can’t help but catch the pungent scent of rotting meat.

Next is the diamond of the quartet of songs, which, being replete with throbbing bass, there was some inevitability that I would select Say as my pick of the release.

It would be churlish to pass through a release review without mentioning percussion and vocal and within the acoustic schematics of the closing track Low they are given more dominating roles than in other pieces. In a number which finds Camcorder in less tense moment.

Manifest Misery, which is available on bandcamp, is a fine spot in which to discover Camcorder, whilst, I personally hope they will develop the darker side of their sound, you may judge differently. A release, for sure, to add to the collection.

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