Winter – Zoey – Audio

The US based ethereal-gaze project Winter releases the LP Ethereality on the 6th of April.

Winter - Zoey


A couple of tracks have surfaced from the album (which is available on bandcamp) in advance of its release. The most recent Zoey, the third of the ten songs, came to light a few hours ago.

Zoey – floats through the room like a hazy mirage as the dreamy vocal is borne on a soft bedding of echoing guitar and the listener finds themselves throttling back to allow the bustle of the day to leave them far behind and ensconced in the gossamer threads.

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Winter – Bedroom Philosophies – Audio

The US ethereal-rock quartet Winter revealed the EP Daydreaming a few hours ago.

Winter - photo credit @jaim3silveira

Winter – photo credit @jaim3silveira

The approaching sixteen minutes – four track release floats around the room in calming quietness as Winter deliver their signature of gauzed guitar and vocal combinations which take the listener away from sense of space and time to relax in the music.

The second track is Bedroom Philosophies.

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Winter – Dreaming – Single Review

The US ethereal-rock band Winter – released the single Dreaming on the 12th.

Winter - photo credit @roycifer

Winter – photo credit @roycifer

Lasting for less than three minutes – Dreaming (available on bandcamp) inflects of the contrary nature of REM sleep with its rapidly punctuating flecks that scatter across the room whilst underneath the hive of rapid eye movement lays the calmness of a mind drifting in to imaginary scapes of visualisation and despite the seeming disturbance of it all in the physical form, is the brain quietly relaxing and flushing out recomposed ideas and thoughts, leaving the mind refreshed for another day.

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Winter – Wherever You Are – Single Review

The US ethereal-rock band Winter released the single Wherever You Are on the 18th.



The dreamy spires of sound slowly release themselves into the room as Winter deliver their luxurious pillows of down in which the listener is enticed to lay back entranced.

The sadness of the emotive vocal captivates the mind while the haze-gaze echoing guitars bend time and space as the percussion tips quietly in and out of earshot whilst a mesmeric synth creates a sense of weightlessness with the faint tug of bass keeping everything wrapped together, marking the just exceeding four minutes of Wherever You Are (available on bandcamp) another Winter composition that needs to be added to the collection to be played at leisure.

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Pocket Bliss – Winter – Audio

Pocket Bliss is a melancholic-electronica duo from Italy.

Pocket Bliss

Pocket Bliss

Fairly new out of the blocks, with only one song to hear, there is a sense of weeping sadness that flows into the room on listening to the loops of Winter.

The mixture of unusual percussion and instrumentation allows Pocket Bliss to steep the music with a depth of brooding introspection that instils itself into the audience.


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